HOSPITAL: Service Line Development, Deployment and Improvement:

Orthopaedic Health Services has unmatched expertise in the practice of orthopaedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation. We have developed, invested, managed, bought and sold businesses related to these services for decades. We understand issues of brand management, productivity, profitability, strategic fit, competitive advantage, staffing, compensation, sub-specialization, integration, divestiture, funding, culture, marketing, practice patterns, technological adaptation, and metrics of performance. We routinely invest in health care ventures, provide analysis and recommendations, facilitate planning, lead organizational turn-around, and operational improvement.


Joint venturing Surgery, gain sharing in the OR, co-branding, merging, succession planning, practice development, communicating, linkage between hospital and Physicians offices are just a few of the methods we utilize to develop and maintain physician loyalty.


Planning for an unpredictable future requires broad vision, alternative strategies (based on a rapidly ever changing environment) and cultural paradigm shifts to accept and implement change within weeks not years!
What should be your mix of services or products? Who is the customer? What are your customer requirements? What are the market solutions and trending directions?


We are data driven. We mine information, we interpret data and we create “dash-boards” of critical information that drives change and performance improvement.

Our methodology incorporates qualitative analyses through interviews and observation.

We bring out the good thinking that resides in every organization and import best practices from our 35 years of experiences. We create a “learning environment” so that adoption is painless because the answers to "WHY?" are always sound.

Dash Board: A visual representation that displays the current state of performance (brand position, schedule, productivity, performance (these include variation, abnormal conditions, exception reports, bench-marks).

Go see the problem. This is the belief that practical experience is valued over theoretical knowledge. You must see the problem to know the problem.

Goals (with targets) and means for achieving it to address business priorities to move the organization to a new level of performance; variable from year-to-year

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